Gary O'Connor
Florida State Certified Building Contractor
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License # CBC1261386
"They Don't Build 'Em Like They Used To"

    Anyone who  witnessed ceiling joists and rafters yield to trusses or remembers when finish carpenters were replaced by pre-hung door machines, knows  that production oriented construction is the true author of the above quote.  The Architect's vision, once placed on the General Contractor's critical path or dashboard, has become one of the fastest paced and competitive industries in the nation.

     Some would say quality and craftsmanship have disappeared along with prior methods and practices, but those of us who continue to load our tools in the glow of sunset, with sawdust peppered in our hair and denim, know better.  Changes and advances in our tools and blueprints will never replace the mindset  of a quality job done well. I insist on that attitude with everyone who works by my side, and I strive to build that relationship with my customers.  Whether your needs are a custom home, a bath or kitchen remodel, a spiral stairway or custom bookcase,  my decades of experience can help bring your project to fruition.  I recognize that my expertise is only one aspect of your larger plan.  But with your help, we can build them even "better than they used to."

      My website is designed in the same helpful manner.  In addition to a gallery of some of my finished projects, I have tried to provide the South Florida Contractor, Architect, Designer and Homeowner with important links to the products we install that are locally available. If you are viewing this from my website preview cd, log on to the internet to take full advantage of all my construction related links.